Z33 presents the work of ten recently graduated artists that are focusing on their own family tree

30.01.2022 - 06.03.2022

Ten recently graduated artists are focusing on their own family tree. In Mother(Land) they show that your identity is shaped by your personal history and the places where that history has taken place. 

When we look at our parents, and their ancestors, at the land they walked on, the cities they lived in, the work they did or the struggles they fought, we come across stories that still live within us somewhere. Those stories are alive right now; crawl through your skin, feed your tastes, and define your perspective. They form a family tree, as it were, an idea that carries through to all the works in this group exhibition. Sometimes literally, sometimes in the form of religions that characterized their youth, the country of origin that no longer exists or old friendships that have come to feel like a family. At times with sculptures or costumes, at other times with photography or ceramics. 

Participating artists: Anne Arndt (GDR), Sigurrós Björndóttir (IS), Emilia Chinwe Brys (BE), Lou Cocody-Valentino (MQ/FR), Doris Kolpa (NL), Telma Lemarchand (FR), Denys Shantar (UA/CH), Seppe Vancraywinkel (BE), Joppe Venema (NL) and Theresa Weber (DE)

Curators: Fenne Saedt (NL) and Lieneke Hulshof (NL)

Currents #9
30.01 - 06.03.2022

In collaboration with Marres and FLACC. 


Currents is an annual group exhibition of work by recently graduated artists from art schools in Belgium, North Rhine-Westphalia and the south of the Netherlands organized by Marres in Maastricht and Z33 in Hasselt.



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