The third edition of Art Antwerp promises to be an international, invitation-only boutique fair

Art Antwerp, the contemporary art fair organised by Art Brussels, is set to return for its third edition from Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 December 2023 at Antwerp Expo. As in 2022, the fair is delighted to count on the support of the two main partners, Delen Private Bank and Bank Van Breda.

This year, the fair welcomes 72 participating galleries - of which 26 are new participants to the fair - from 12 different countries (Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States). Compared with the 68 galleries from 11 countries in 2022 and 59 galleries from 6 countries at the fair’s launch, Art Antwerp has evolved over three editions, from a rather regional fair to a truly international platform. Among these 72 galleries is a mix of well-established galleries with over a decade of contributions to the art world, as well as young and exciting galleries. ​ 20% of the galleries are from Antwerp while 50% are international.

37% of the galleries participating in Art Antwerp choose to present a solo (17) or duo (10) exhibition. This choice is a declaration of gratitude to visitors, optimising the chances of a viewer making a deep connection with an artist’s work. ​ 

This, and the distinctive feature of the invitation-only character of Art Antwerp (galleries are invited to participate by the Hosting Committee) makes Art Antwerp a real Boutique Fair. A human scale fair with an international programme where particular attention is paid to the experience of its participants and visitors. The fair is more intimate, more personal in its approach. 

Furthermore, the participating galleries are very much committed to showcasing artists under the age of 40 (a third of all artists represented at Art Antwerp are under 40 years old), with two galleries (Pizza Gallery and Stigter Van Doesburg) presenting a group show with only (very) young artists. 

Stands also promise to be colourful, cheerful, sculptural, festive, dreamlike, intimate, even poetic…

The fair also benefits from and contributes to the attractiveness of the Antwerp art scene, with numerous exhibitions in partner museums such as KMSKA, FOMU, M HKA… and galleries. A foretaste and a must-see to make your visit an unforgettable one, as the 40th anniversary of Art Brussels looms in spring 2024, with several highlights. Since its launch in 2021, Art Antwerp has been supported by the City of Antwerp. 

"Creativity attracts. This was proven by the high visitor figures of MoMu and KMSKA last year. Not only do local citizens let their imagination run free in our museums, but day-trippers and art lovers from all over the world also admire our art collections. The creative sector, both national and international, fuels our city economy. That is why fairs like Art Antwerp are an indispensable link in the international growth of our city."
— Alderwoman for the Economy, Erica Caluwaerts

The first edition of Art Antwerp was affected by the Covid pandemic, bringing together mainly major galleries from Belgium and neighbouring countries on the lookout for new opportunities, while retaining a significant representation of Antwerp-based galleries. Most of the participating galleries were already used to taking part in numerous fairs each year. One might conclude that this represented a golden opportunity for galleries with an established clientele in Belgium, eager to meet internationally recognised Belgian collectors.

The second edition marked a return to normality with the resumption of international fairs. Some galleries returned to their usual schedule, preferring the major fairs. Others, notably galleries with a younger programme, expressed their desire to take part in Art Antwerp. The success of the first edition of Art Antwerp also attracted galleries from further afield, although these were still concentrated in Europe.

Now, Art Antwerp has integrated perfectly and needs no further introduction. The fair has become an international platform for collectors from neighbouring countries. A visit to Art Antwerp, which takes just a few hours, is often accompanied by a trip into the city to discover its exhibitions, indulge in a shopping spree in the homes of the great masters of the fashion industry, or enjoy a culinary experience.

“We are thrilled by the enthusiasm for this fair, which continues to grow year on year. Art Antwerp enjoys strong support from gallery owners, artists, museums, the city and art lovers. Antwerp has such a rich art scene! As with any new initiative, it took us a while to find our place in the cultural landscape. Now we’re convinced that Art Antwerp has integrated perfectly and needs no further introduction.”
— Nele Verhaeren, director Art Antwerp

The solo presentations at Art Antwerp are varied, both in their use of materials and in the periods in which they were created, ranging from the post-war period to the present day; and this is thanks to both established and emerging artists from all over the world. 

Some highlights include: the black-and-white photographic works by Ghanaian-born artist James Bernor, moving works from the 50s to the 80s, to be discovered at the stand of Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière; the solo presentation by young Belgian painter Gommaar Gilliams with Sofie Van de Velde; the two juxtaposed solo presentations at Galerie Guy Pieters by Belgian conceptual artist Kris Martin and the works of American painter and director Julian Schnabel; the peaceful oil paintings on wood by the young Chinese artist Kong Lingnan represented by Capsule Shanghai gallery, and the solo presentation at Fontana gallery by Feipel & Bechameil, who will be exhibiting artists working in duo on a new body of ceramic work showing interference through fragments of the human body, animals and plants.

Participating galleries and artists (confirmed on 5 December)

Gallery name


Althuis Hofland

Polina Barskaya, Jasper Hagenaar


Adelheid De Witte, Nokukhanya Langa, Alice Vanderschoot

Base-Alpha Gallery

Giannin Conrad, Elleke Frijters, Veronika Pot

Belgian Gallery

Manu vb Tintoré, Yves Velter, Robin Wen, Cindy Wright

Berthold Pott

Jens Kothe, Eva Robarts, Lucia Sotnikova

By Lara Sedbon

Léonard Combier, Roxane Gouguenheim, Zoé Thonet, Benjamin Valode


Kong Lingnan


Narges Mohammadi, Larry Achiampong, Oscar Santillбn, Rebeca Romero

Dauwens & Beernaert

Marco De Sanctis, Quinten Ingelaere, Charlotte Vandenbroucke, Loïc Van Zeebroek

de boer


De Zwarte Panter

Fred Bervoets, Michel Buylen, Benjamin Demeyere, Greet Martens, Frank Wagemans


Joost Vandebrug, Gert Motmans, Casper Sejersen

Division of Labour

Céline Berger, Priscila Fernandes, Edward Clydesdale Thomson

DMW Gallery

Kaspar Dejong, ​ Bram De Jonghe

Dürst Britt & Mayhew

Wieske Wester


Tramaine de Senna

Galerie 8+4

Vera Molnar, Lionel Sabatté, Claire Trotignon, Bernar Venet

Galerie burster

Christian August, Alex Feuerstein, Maria Schumacher 

Galerie Claire Gastaud

Nicolas Dhervillers, Léo Dorfner, Vincent Olinet, Tania Mouraud

Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière

James Barnor

Galerie Dix9 | Hélène Lacharmoise 

Anne Deguelle, Niyaz Najafov, Luca Resta

Galerie dudokdegroot 

Lisette de Greeuw

Galerie DYS

Amandine Urruty

Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman


Galerie Felix Frachon

Dimitri Fagbohoun, Gerson, Ratna Gupta, Antonin Kremer, Prathap Modi, Nyaba Leon Ouedraogo, Clara Rivault, David Tobòn 

Galerie Fontana

Feipel & Bechameil

Galerie Lange + Pult

Gerold Miller, Wolfram Ullrich, Wendy White, Beat Zoederer

Galerie Laurentin

Walter Leblanc, Reinhoud, Lionel Sabatté 

Galerie Lelong & Co.

Pierre Alechinsky, Marc Desgrandchamps, Frank Horvat, Samuel Levi Jones, David Nash, Christine Safa, Kiki Smith, Antoni Tàpies, Barthélémy Toguo, Richard Tuttle, Marion Verboom, Fabienne Verdier, Jan Voss

Galerie Martin Kudlek

Dragutin Banic, Gideon Kiefer, Simon Schubert

Galerie Ron Mandos

Tomas Libertiny, Jonny Niesche, Menno Pasveer, Gilleam Trapenberg, Koen van den Broek

Gallery Sofie Van de Velde & PLUS-ONE Gallery

Nelleke Cloosterman, Christopher Colm Morrin, Felix De Clercq, Sarah De Vos, Kasper De Vos, Stef Driesen, Judith Kristensen, Laurens Legiers, William Ludwig Lutgens, Natasja Mabesoone, Florian Tomballe, Charline Tyberghein, Carole Vanderlinden

Gallery Sofie Van de Velde (solo stand)

Gommaar Gilliams 

Gilles Drouault

Mara Fortunatović, Lydia Gifford, Johannes Sivertsen

GNYP Gallery 

Nicolas Dhervillers, Léo Dorfner, Vincent OLINE


GoMulan Gallery

Ulrike Rehm


Joe Cool, Andre Morgan, Melle Nieling, Aaron Roth

Guy Pieters Gallery 

Kris Martin, Julian Schnabel

Harlesden High Street

Mattia Guarnera, Andre Morgan, Melle Nieling, Aaron Roth

HdM Gallery

Chen Han, Fan Jing, Ye Linghan, Zheng Mengqiang, Zhu Rixin, Xue Ruozhe, Yang Yongliang, Yun Yongye


Michael Johansson, Anna Retulainen

Hopstreet Gallery

Tinus Vermeersch


Albarrán Cabrera, Mika Horie, Miho Kajioka, Shingo Ohira, Hiroshi Toyofuku, Ali Uchida

Irène Laub Gallery

Bernard Villers 

KANT Gallery

Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen, Steen Ibsen, Anne Mette Larsen, Joost Vandebrug


Joëlle Dubois, John Korner, Enrique Marty, Jon Pilkington, Antoine Roegiers, Valgerdur Sigurdardottir, Sybren Vanoverberghe

Kristof De Clercq gallery

Veerle Beckers, Peter Morrens, Tuukka Tammisaari

La Forest Divonne 

Catherine Francois, Patrice Giorda, Jeff Kowatch, Tinka Pittoors 

Galerie La Patinoire Royale Bach

Jaime Hayon

Lukasz Majewski Gallery 

Pol Bury, Inge Cornil, Randoald Sabbe, Boy Eric Stappaerts

Lumen Travo

Thierry Oussou

Martin van Zomeren

Mel Bochner, Michiel Ceulers, Günther Förg, Yves Klein, Sol LeWitt, Markus Lüpertz, Jaume Plensa, Juan Usle, Lawrence Weiner

Maurice Verbaet Gallery

Fred Bervoets, Hugo Claus, Vic Gentils, René Guiette, Pol Mara, Cel Overberghe, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Mi Van Landuyt

Mieke van Schaijk

Wobbe Micha, Kenichi Ogawa, Joke Robaard

Modesti Perdriolle Gallery

Joël Denot, Vishal Kumar Gupta, Philippe Jaccard, Sosa Joseph, Anne Pesce, Deena Pindoria, Osheen Siva, Ratheesh T., Anonymous Tantra Painting, ​ T. Venkanna


Madeleine Bialke, Jason Herr, Konstantina Krikzoni, Viktor Mattsson, Shona McAndrew, Andrew Sendor, Khushna Sulaman-But


Andrea Joyce Heimer

No Man’s Art Gallery 

Alan Hernandez, Sam Samiee

Pedrami Gallery

Abdalla Al Omari, Hamdan Saray, Eileen Cohen Sussholz, Wendy Krochmal, Mahsa Tehrani, Axel Pahlavi, Tarek Shabout

Philipp von Rosen

Silke Albrecht, Bas de Wit, Anna Malagrida, Javier Téllez, Ignacio Uriarte, Koen van den Broek

Pizza Gallery

Veronika Bezdenejnykh, Willem de Haan, Jonas Dehnen, Louise Delanghe, Dieter Durinck, Tom Hallet, Bert Huyghe, Meriton Maloku, Victoria Palacios, Maya Strobbe, Mariami Tsotadze , Leendert van Accoleyen

PLUS-ONE Gallery (solo stand)

Sergio De Beuckelaer


Marie Rosen, P.B. Van Rossem


Eva Beresin, Carlotta Bailly-Borg, Prosper Legault 

Schönfeld Gallery

Svelte Thys, Jesse Willems


Vincent Delbrouck, Lara Gasparotto, Augustin Rebetez, Juanan Requena, Jiang Zhi

Stigter Van Doesburg

Bobbi Essers, Wolfgang Messing, Andrei Nitu, Erica Peucelle


Anneke Eussen, Hans Vandekerckhove


Daniël Bellon, Karel Breugelmans, Johan Creten, Luc Dondeyne, Nikita Kadan, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Thomas Raat

valerie_traan gallery

Ingrid Castelein, Johan Gelper, Chris Meulemans

Valerius Gallery

Johannes Daniel, Anni Mertens 

Whitehouse Gallery

Clara Brörmann, Anton Cotteleer, Charlotte Eta Mumm, Joke Hansen, Tim Volckaert

Zwart Huis

Michaël de Kok, Stefan Peters, Fik van Gestel

Art Antwerp​
14 December - 17 December 2023
Antwerp Expo
Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191, 2020 Antwerp

Press Preview: Thursday 14 December, 10.45am

Invitation Committee ​ 

The fair works with an Invitation Committee whose role is to select the participating galleries "by invitation", guaranteeing the same high quality of exhibitors for which Art Brussels is known. The selection is based on the profile of the gallery. Galleries have a carte blanche in presenting their booth project. ​ 

The members of the Invitation Committee are: Myriam Attali (from Galerie Lelong & Co., Paris, New York), Jason Poirier dit Caulier (from PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerp), Will Lunn (from Copperfield, London) and Alexia van Eyll (from Nino Mier Gallery (Los Angeles, Brussels, New York, Marfa). 

Main Partners for Art Antwerp & Art Brussels 

  • Delen Private Bank & Bank Van Breda ​The activities of sister companies Delen Private Bank and Bank Van Breda complement each other perfectly. Delen Private Bank focuses on wealth management and wealth planning, while Bank Van Breda is a bank of choice for entrepreneurs and professionals, both privately and professionnally. 


  • Art Shippers ​
    Art Shippers is a leading fine art logistics partner delivering all possible services in the fine art world. 
  • Taschen ​
    Taschen is a leading publishing house known for its exquisite collaborations with the world’s most influential artists, photographers, architects, designers and cultural icons. 
  • Duvel Moortgat ​
    The Belgian brewery Duvel Moortgat has a special interest in contemporary art, design and architecture and works in partnership with museums and institutions as S.M.A.K. and WIELS, and international events such as La Biennale di Venezia. 

Institutional Partner 

  • Stad Antwerpen 

Media partners 

Art Antwerp is delighted to count on the collaboration of three important media partners which are also involved in Art Brussels: De Standaard, Le Soir, Klara. 

Pompidou with Chantal Pattyn, a Klara radio programme, will broadcast live from Art Antwerp on Thursday 14 December at 5pm. 

artpass ID ​ 

Art Antwerp works with artpass ID to preserve the reputation of the art market and to enhance trust and transparency in the art market without burdening administrative procedures for all participants in the art market, including international art fairs, art galleries and collectors. 

The app designed by artpass ID is an all-in-one solution to comply with legal obligations regarding anti-money laundering and KYC “Know your customer”, and is accessible to all players in the art industry.


Art Antwerp is happy to announce its new collaboration with Artland. ​ ​ 

The fair will have an online viewing room on the platform from 14 to 17 December 2023. ​ ​ 

You can also discover a selection of “coup de coeur” artworks from Art Antwerp online catalogue by two prominent figures: Carmen Willems (director KMSKA) and Gil Bronner (German art collector Philara Sammlung). 

Visit this page to be notified as soon as the Online Viewing Room goes live. ​ 

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