The MACS prepares for reopening on 18 May

After more than eight weeks of closure, the MACS - the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels in Le Grand-Hornu - will open its doors again on 18 May, allowing the public to once again face the artworks in the museum. The reopening will take place gradually, in line with the government's health regulations in order to guarantee the safety of the museum's visitors and staff.

During the lockdown, the MACS focused first and foremost on keeping the contact with its public and more specifically on its mission to promote contemporary art. The museum has developed several initiatives and shared them through social media, the website and the museum's newsletter. ​

In order to allow its public activities to take place outside the museum walls, the MACS has developed a series of activities for children, under the slogan 'No break for our exhibitions'. Every week we distribute online a simple and fun craft assignment inspired by the artworks in the exhibition Representing the Work by the American artist Matt Mullican. This gives children and their parents the opportunity to discover the various art practices that the artist has used in his ecyclopaedic oeuvre.

In addition to these new initiatives, the MACS continues to be active on social media, among other things by posting works from the collection, with interactive quizzes on the Facebook page, and by disseminating information about the museum or about culture in general.

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