The creative co-working firma opens a permanent location and exhibition in Brussels city centre

Eight years after founding the first ‘firma’ in an industrial area in Vilvoorde and following a successful pop-up location on Brussels' Boulevard Anspach, firma opened on June 1st a permanent location in Brussels city centre.

The new firma is taking up residence in an 800 m2 industrial building in the heart of Brussels that is used to house the Plasticarium – the museum with the largest collection of plastic objects in the world. After a thorough renovation and conversion led by the architects KEPER, firma II is now open for (creative) entrepreneurs. The interior is bathed in natural light and – like the other branches – is a creative but thoughtful space, both minimalist and warm.

Besides flexible workplaces, meeting rooms and communal spaces, this new firma also offers a co-working cafe where you can lunch, drink a coffee or co-work at an hourly rate. Regularly, firma also organises exhibitions by (Belgian) designers and artists. For example, there is now the exhibition Familiar Reflections, the first exhibition in firma II.

For this expo, creative studio Baroness O. invited a selection of Belgian artists and designers with whom they share a common (visual) identity and/or aesthetic. Under the motto "Show me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are", this group of artists and designers also reflect the identity of the firm. Works and objects by the likes of Stephane Barbier Bouvet, Niels Raoul Boone, Clarisse Bruynbroeck, Bieke Buckinx, Destroyers Builders, Jord Lindelauf, Thibeau Scarcériaux, Ben Storms, Studio Matta, Bram Vanderbeke, Elias Van Orshaegen and paulineplusluis are on display across the space.

With the arrival of this permanent branch in the centre of Brussels, firma is focusing even more on building a sustainable community of creative entrepreneurs looking for more than just a place to work. firma profiles itself specifically as a place for and by entrepreneurs who believe in the power of small-scale, flexible workplaces where synergies arise. 

The story of firma: when entrepreneurship and creativity meet

firma is the brainchild of designer, interior architect, curator and entrepreneur Anne Van Assche. With her company Baroness O., Van Assche works internationally as a curator and designer for various organisations and museums. The idea for firma originated in Sweden, where Van Assche spent several months studying Interior Design. There, she quickly learned how collaborations and synergies with other disciplines take you much further than working individually. With that knowledge and the belief that the future lies in small-scale, flexible workspaces that are intimate and local, she founded firma in 2015. 

She converted her grandfather's old industrial office into firma I – a versatile workspace where creatives can work and connect with each other. A year later, in 2016, Van Assche founded cantine, a catering company providing vegetarian meals with local and seasonal products to both the firm's premises and to external events. ​

​firma II Brussels was established in 2019. A spacious floor in the former Actiris building was transformed into a number of inspirational bright, white spaces. firma was able to occupy the site for 3 years, pending the permanent redevelopment of the building on Beursplein. With its wide windows and views of the Beursgebouw, firma II exuded the capital's historical and industrial character. ​

And now, in 2023, the permanent office in the heart of Brussels is ready to open to the public.

"Entrepreneurship and creativity run like a thread through my life. As a 25-year-old, I started creating this universe, hoping it would lead to crossovers and professional commitments. Now, eight years later, it feels good to have a permanent place in Brussels and to be able to augment the community that has already built up."
— Anne Van Assche

A community of creative entrepreneurs

firma is much more than an office or a co-working space. It offers a creative, professional environment where independent makers, designers and innovative entrepreneurs can come together, feel inspired and form communities. 

firma distinguishes itself not only through its flexible approach with well-thought-out and versatile spaces, but also through its unique catering concept, cantine, which prepares seasonal, local and vegetarian meals for everyday consumption at firma, but also at events both inside and outside the company walls. ​

firma offers a solution to the new challenges that Brussels is facing as a result of the popularity of remote working, by providing a cosy setting, good coffee and a healthy meal, combined with the privacy, service and professionalism of an office. On a regular basis, firma will focus on shaping and strengthening the community by organising lectures, networking brunches or dinners, art & design expos, product launches, and afterwork events...

“I think it is important to create a place where entrepreneurship and creativity are connected. A place where you learn from and inspire each other"
— Anne Van Assche

firma resolutely goes for local and small-scale entrepreneurship and supports like-minded people. The coffee comes from Brussels-based Mok and the kombucha is from Brussels-based Rish. The bar was made by the Vilvoorde-based Atelier Hanssens. The stools at the bar are by Brussels-based designers Vormen and the kitchenettes by sistem. Even the drinking fountains are the result of a collaboration with the Belgian company Aqualex.

Practical information

firma II
​locquenghienstraat 35
1000 brussels

  • firma club (floor 0 & 1) with bar
  • ​open from March 9th, Mo-Fr,
  • firma offices (floor 2, 3 & 4) ​
  • contracts via



Albane Paret
+32 (0)476 57 37 82


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