The Belgian interior architect Nathalie Deboel presents her first furniture collection, Nomad

The Belgian interior architect Nathalie Deboel presents her first furniture collection, Nomad

The Belgian interior designer Nathalie Deboel presents her first furniture collection, Nomad. The collection, handcrafted in Belgium, brings furniture to its essence of being a compagnon de route, or ‘travelling companion’ for life.

The furniture pieces of the Nomad collection have been reduced to their purest form and have an almost sacred appearance that is in line with Nathalie Deboel’s work as an interior designer. Her expertise as an interior architect and her material knowledge have formed the ideal breeding ground for the development of the Nomad collection.

The idea for the collection started early in 2020, when Nathalie Deboel's life tilted from being constantly on the move to a period of homeworking and reflection. She immersed herself in the habits of nomads and the wooden sticks they carry and which they use to create temporary homes and furniture. The Nomad collection is built around the concept of this rounded wooden stick as a basic, utilitarian element.  

On the origin of the collection, Nathalie Deboel states:

"In my projects I would strive to create quiet and balanced interiors, while I myself was constantly on the move. During the lockdown, I literally and figuratively came home. My many walks in nature brought inspiration and clarity to my thinking. Simplicity in design, materiality and connections became the thread of the Nomad collection.

Nathalie Deboel’s quest for the essence results in a collection that consists of a library, a rectangular and a round table, a daybed, and an armchair. The collection will be further expanded in the coming weeks and months with new designs. These are all timeless objects that have been conceived as ‘travelling companions’ and – by analogy with the nomadic way of life – follow the path of life, wherever it leads.

The Nomad collection is handcrafted in Belgium and is made of solid oak or walnut, with subtle details in brass. The connections between the wooden elements have been worked out in such a way that no screws or bolts are needed. This ingenious detailing refers, on the one hand, to the temporary constructions of nomadic cultures and on the other, to Nathalie Deboel’s striving for the essence.

In addition to the standard versions, the furniture can also be made to measure. 

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Nathalie Deboel Interior Design 

Nathalie Deboel received her Master’s degree in interior architecture from Sint-Lucas in Ghent in the late nineties. After graduating, she spent several years at a number of renowned international companies, gaining substantial levels of work experience before setting up her own practice in the seaside town of Knokke at the age of 35. The office focuses on high-end residential interiors for private clients. 

The style of Nathalie Deboel Interior Design is internationally inspired. Every project is made to measure and breathes an elegant, contemporary atmosphere. Precious materials such as natural stones, metals, limewash finishes, polished concrete and wood are combined with carefully selected furnishings and artworks to create authentic environments. 

The portfolio of Nathalie Deboel Interior Design has grown steadily over the years. Besides an established client base in Belgium, the practice is involved in an increasing number of international projects in locations such as Saint-Tropez, Marbella and Verbier, allowing Nathalie Deboel to expand her office in Knokke and open up a second office in Brussels. 



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