Sol LeWitt's exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Belgium is extended until 31 July, adding two new works from the Herbert Foundation

Given the success - both with the critics and the general public - of "Sol LeWitt. Wall drawings, Works on paper. Structures (1968-2002)" and following the relaxation of the sanitary measures, the Jewish Museum of Belgium has decided to extend the exhibition by 3 months, until 31 July 2022.

The Jewish Museum of Belgium takes this opportunity to add two new works on paper to the exhibition, coming from the Herbert Foundation in Ghent. It is a tribute to the recently deceased Belgian collector of minimalist and conceptual art Anton Herbert (1938-2021) and to the period of the 1970s, embodied by the MTL gallery and by Anton Herbert. 

"The exhibition "Sol LeWitt. Wall Drawings, Works on Paper, Structures (1968-2002)" is a remarkable and unexpected success, with almost 15,000 visitors in 4 months. As the Jewish Museum of Belgium, we are very proud that we have succeeded in reaching so many people from so many different backgrounds. This exhibition is intended both for the connoisseur who can discover little-known projects such as the Chester Synagogue, and for people who are discovering Sol LeWitt's work for the first time, getting familiar with the extraordinary work of the man who became one of the great figures of conceptual art.

— Barbara Cuglietta, Director of the Jewish Museum of Belgium

Sol LeWitt
Wall drawings, Works on paper. Structures (1968-2002)
03 December 2021 - 31 July 2022
Jewish Museum of Belgium

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