Antwerp Art Weekend 2018: highlights

The fourth edition of the Antwerp Art Weekend takes place from May 25 to May 27, 2018. Once again, art venues in and around Antwerp are putting their hands together to celebrate contemporary art. Over 60 galleries, art spaces, museums, temporary exhibitions and art events are participating at this intense, three day, citywide manifestation. 

Antwerp harbours a vibrant contemporary art scene, ranging from internationally renowned museums, galleries and art centres to artist-in-residencies, project spaces, young and upcoming initiatives and pop-up exhibitions. Conveniently located in the proximity of Brussels, Paris, London, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Cologne, Antwerp hosts a continuous ow of artists and art lovers, complementing the already, vibrant local scene. Since 2014, the non-profit organization Antwerp Art connects and promotes the activities by its members - a selection of quality contemporary art galleries, art spaces and museums -, as well as a brisk pool of upcoming art initiatives and pop-up exhibition spaces, located in Antwerp. Antwerp Art is the joint platform for these exhibition spaces, listing relevant exhibitions and openings for both professionals and a wider audience. Next to this, Antwerp Art organizes the annual Antwerp Art Weekend, a manifestation for contemporary art in Antwerp. 


De Studio
De Studio functions as a central location for the Antwerp Art Weekend, hosting exhibitions, talks and de Nacht van de Beeldende Kunst or the Night of the Visual
Arts. For every event in De Studio, Antwerp Art invited a curator. The curators for this years edition are ABC Klubhuis for the visual arts exhibition, Helena Kritis and Liene Aerts for the video exhibition, Federico Acal for performance, Louise Osieka for the artist talks and the Ekster label for the Night of the Visual Arts. 

Antwerp Art Weekend
25-27 May 2018
More then 60 locations in Antwerp
Full programme here


De Studio
Maarschalk Gerardstraat 4, 2000 Antwerp



Highlights (full programme, see here)

Nacht van de Beeldende Kunst: 5 Years Ekster
For the Nacht van de Beeldende Kunst (Night of the Visual Arts), on Saturday 26 May, Antwerp Art invited Ekster, who is celebrating their fifth anniversary, with a night centered around sonic electronic explorations of some of their close associates. With live performances by TCF (Pan–Ekster), SAGAT (Vlek–Bepotel), Milan W. (JJ Funhouse–Ekster), Hiele (Ekster) and a DJ Act by Nosedrip (Stroom).

Antwerp Art Pavilion 
Antwerp Art has been granted one of the Pavilions sited next to the MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom). Antwerp Art will host the space under the name Pavilion and will bring an eclectic mix of exhibitions and art events, sprouted from its pool of members and affiliates, focussing on strong presentations which can be viewed through its vitrines. During the Antwerp Art Weekend, the first event will launch the space and officially open it.

Lampekap: Track Tracy
Lena Daems en Frederik van Remoortere are a young artist duo based in Antwerp, active since 2009 under the name Lampekap. During Antwerp Art Weekend, they present ‘Track Tracy’, a choreography with the passers-by. Two beams of light situated on the roof of MAS go back and forth and will follow certain people. Based on artificial intelligence, the light beams focus on a type of person who they want to put into the light. Track Tracy explores topics such as privacy, networking, social media and being in the spotlight. Passers-by unconsciously participate in Track Tracy’s choreography and become part of the artwork.

David Claerbout at Micheline Szwacjer
On the occasion of Antwerp Art Weekend, Micheline Szwacjer is presenting The pure necessity, David Claerbout’s take on The Jungle Book. The exact one-hour loop turns the sentimental and comical story about dancing, singing, and trumpet-playing jungle animals into a film that has dispenses with all ‘humanization’ of the animals, and even with its human protagonist Mowgli. Baloo, Bagheera and Kaa, whose songs and slapstick acts have been delighting children and adults alike for decades, are now back to being pure bear, panther and python.

Friedrich Kunath at Tim Van Laere Gallery
Friedrich Kunath is a multidisciplinary artist – painter, draftsman and sculptor – who draws his dynamism and inspiration sources from the contemporary world. Born in Germany and based in Los Angeles, he makes airbrushed canvases layered with strange cartoon figures, blazing sunsets, and deep thoughts. His multifaceted, incongruous and diverse works are all encompassing citations, collages, recycling and references. Conceptual art, German romanticism and Symbolism permeate Kunath’s artistry and he frequently references popular culture – song titles are a particular favourite – together with lyrics and books.

Kim Jones at Zeno X Gallery
Kim Jones has built a consistent oeuvre over the past thirty years including drawings, sculptures, paintings, installations and performances, often combining di erent media. Jones keeps updating his works by erasing, adding, changing and mutating forms and compositions – hence the several layers and dates in his works. It is his way of dealing with the constant motion of life. 

Jef Verheyen at Axel Vervoordt Gallery
Axel Vervoordt Gallery at Kanaal will present four solo shows during Antwerp Art Weekend: Jef Verheyen, Chung Chang-Sup, Otto Bol and Kwon Dae-Sup. The exhibition devoted to Jef Verheyen is probably the most remarkable one, focusing on key paintings from the 1960s and 70s, and featuring previously unseen works from the artist’s estate that will be shown in public for the first time.

Hole Of The Fox: Stef Van Looveren
Hole Of The Fox is an art space emphasizing on the presentation of groundbreaking work by upcoming artists. During Antwerp Art Weekend, Hole in the Fox presents a solo exhibition by Stef Van Looveren. His practice translates itself into video installation, photo and collage. He’ll create a space intertwining our virtual and physical experience. Teaming up with, the spectator is asked to take their smartphone out as a form of interaction, layering several mediums together.

Stieglitz19: Chinese Spring part 3
To celebrate 10 years Stieglitz19, an extensive selection of major Chinese contemporary photographers are on show. Some works of Ren Hang to pay tribute to his legacy and new works by Chen Wei, Ji Zhou, Zhang Wei, Zhang Hai’er, Rong Rong and Lin Zhipeng.

LLS Paleis is an alternative art space in Antwerp, a free port for the visual arts, a place where artist can and an ally. Stella Lohaus commits herself to the next ten years of LLS. During Antwerp Art, LLS Paleis presents ‘AMBRAS’. The city of Antwerp celebrates the Baroque period and Rubens in 2018. Politically and geographically the armed conflict between catholic and protestant religion dominated this time frame. In Antwerp, specically, the Spanish occupied the city, the port, the area. In Antwerp dialect the word for “conflict/a fight” is AMBRAS. It is etymologically drawn from the Spanish word for Antwerp, i.e. Amberes. To commemorate this period, LLS Paleis exhibits three Spanish contemporary artists: Oier Etxeberria, Pep Vidal and Oriol Vilanova (Manresa, 1980). Rubens and the historic background of his life, will be their starting point.

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