PLUS-ONE Gallery & Gallery Sofie Van de Velde open second space in Nieuw Zuid, Antwerp

Gallery owners Jason Poirier dit Caulier (PLUS ONE Gallery) and Sofie Van de Velde (Gallery Sofie Van de Velde) open a second space in a strategic well chosen location, in Antwerp’s newest urban development project, Nieuw Zuid. The new gallery spaces, sharing a common reception area, will open on May 14, in the presence of Bart De Baere, artistic director of M HKA. 

With the opening of their second space, Jason Poirier dit Caulier and Sofie Van de Velde want to formulate a mutual response to the challenges they face as a gallery in an ever-changing art scene. They are convinced that another vision is needed, and that by working together, by sharing knowledge and networks, a higher level of quality can be achieved. The unifying factor that is inherent to art, should also be reflected in the world it belongs to. Within the philosophy that collaboration is key, both gallerists also invite two galleries from Ghent and Brussels to create a temporary exhibitionn on the 'Nieuw Zuid' site during the Antwerp Art Weekend (19-21 May). 

A belief in its own strengths and in connection
Both gallerists opted to embed their current galleries, located in Berchem where they will retain their space and own strong identity, in a vibrant part of the city, Nieuw Zuid. By doing so, they embrace new possibilities and chances, for their gallery, the artists and the art scene in Antwerp. Each will focus on their own identity but belief in the power of a mutual space. Together they aim to build a stronger individual story. Also the focus on relations and collaboration with other galleries, today at least 15 worldwide, they will meet up the challenges of the international art scene. Antwerp has an Art DNA and is close to cities in the Netherlands and Germany. The initial partnerships will also be established with these neighboring countries.

A shared history and love for art
Both gallerists are more than the new kids on the block (both are in their 40ies), they both are son and daughter of fathers who spend their life devoted to art. Jason’s father, Marc Poirier dit Caulier, had his art gallery in the 70s, and collaborated closely during the 90s with Ronny Van de Velde, father of Sofie and an active gallerist for the last 40 years. On 'the south’, where the gallery used to be, he created museum like shows with Duchamp, Man Ray, Broodthaers, among many others… These experiences from the past will be used to face today’s challenges.

Antwerp & Nieuw Zuid
Antwerp remains for both Sofie Van de velde and Jason Poirier dit Caulier the art-city by choice. With a rich historical past and a vibrant potential in fashion, art & culinary, they believe Antwerp is the place to grow and to undertake in art. 
Nieuw Zuid is a new, sustainable neighborhood located next to Zuid, between the new courthouse and the riverside. The location, with its history, but also with the new ambitions of the MSKA, MuHKA and FoMu and with the presence of other galleries, turns this a focal area with enormous potential in the field of art. Although the gallery scene has somewhat scattered throughout the city, both gallerists believe the possibilities and opportunities are there. This is confirmed by their partnership with Triple Living, the project developer of Nieuw Zuid.  They will shape this extension of the south part of the city with well balanced choices and a key focus on collaborating with (international) renowned architects. Both galleries are pleased to be partners in to project and to reflect on the possibilities of Art within this development. 

Nieuw Zuid
Leon Stynenstraat 21,
2000 Antwerp

Opening: Sunday, 14 May 2017, 3pm


PLUS-ONE GalleryOn.Titled, a solo exhibition of Sergio De Beukelaer (°1971, Deurne)

Gallery Sofie Van de VeldeWordswordswords, a group exhibition with work by Bruce Nauman, Kelly Schacht, Mari Jose Burski, Mekhitar Garabedian, Ante Timmermans, Guillaume Bijl, Sadaâne Afif, Danh Vo, Wolfgang Plöger Jean-Baptiste Maitre, Navid Nuur, Joris Van de Moortel, Remy Zaugg, Johan De Wilde, Rik De Boe, Philippe Vandenberg, Bernd Lohaus 

Sofie Van de Velde


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