Photographer Zoe Parton commemorates deceased sister with a very personal and poignant series at Ingrid Deuss Gallery

Ingrid Deuss Gallery in Antwerp is presenting a new exhibition by Belgian photographer Zoe Parton (° 1991). From April 1st until April 29, her very personal series Sofie, in which she immerses herself in the life of her deceased sister, will be on display. The series — Zoë's graduation project that was immediately selected for BredaPhoto — can be seen as a kind of late bereavement.

Seventeen years ago, Zoë Parton lost her sister due to a car crash. Zoë was 9 years old, her sister 18. As a child, she didn’t really knew what that meant, death, and never seeing someone again... That realization came later, in gusts.

Now, 17 years later, Zoë is finally ready to give it a place. She is now 25, while her sister will never be older than 18. In this series, she captures their story and tries to understand how the event also formed her. By using impressions and objects her sister has left behind, emotional connections between them. This way, she takes her with her, immortalizes her, holds her. How she is with her, without being here. 

Zoë Parton
Sofie.  .ɘiʇoƧ

1 April — 29 April
Opening: 1 April, 6pm
Ingrid Deuss Gallery
Provinciestraat 11, 
2018 Antwerp

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