New Belgian design brand Home Studyo is launching its inaugural collection, Blow Up

Playful ceramic objects for happy homes

Home Studyo, a Belgium-based design brand, is announcing the launch of its inaugural collection, Blow Up. Founded by Mathieu Van Damme (Case Studyo) and Esther Noben (Toykyo), Home Studyo is creating playful ceramic homeware pieces that serve as artistic narratives in everyday life.

Home Studyo aims to fill the gap between the high-end exclusive collectible design and the impersonal mass production. They create handmade, affordable and everyday objects with a twist, inspiring everyone to curate their own space of happiness. The objects are joyful and colourful, making them happy eye-catchers in every home.

The Blow Up Collection is a vibrant and playful nod to childhood memories and summer fun, reimagined in ceramic instead of plastic. From inflated vases to carafes and planters, each piece in the collection is handmade in Portugal and crafted to bring joy and infuse everyday life with happiness. 

Shape-wise, the objects are instantly recognisable as archetypes of vases, flower pots and carafes. But thanks to the vivid colours and the playful, cheerful, tromp-l'oeil-like approach of the blow-up, a new, tactile dimension is added, making the pieces real eye-catchers. ​

Home Studyo's Blow Up Collection is more than just homeware; it's an exploration of unexpected beauty that transforms summer vibes into happy pieces for every home.

In addition to the Blow Up Collection, Home Studyo plans to collaborate with artists to offer limited edition collections alongside their in-house designs.

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Home Studio presentations

21.03 - 01.04.2024
Pop-up take-over at Oh La La Gent
Bisdomkaai 14
9000 Ghent, Belgium

15.04 - 21.04.2024
Bold Dualities
Baranzate Ateliers — Belgium is Design
Milan Design Week
Via Gaudenzio Fantoli 16 ​
20138 Milan, Italy

13.04 - 21.04.2024
TA-DAAN pop-up
Via Nerino 2
20123 Milan, Italy

Blow Up Collection

Home Studyo's Blow Up Collection include:

Vase 'Oscar'

A playful reinterpretation of a classic vase that combines elegance with carefree charm.

29 x 28 x 17 cm ​
Ceramic, matte finish
125 euro

Carafe 'Emily'

A contemporary twist on the classic Jug, evoking breezy summer days by the pool.

22 x 22 x 13 cm ​
Ceramic, matte finish ​
90 euro

Planter 'Pierre'

A unique ceramic home for your green companions inspired by carefree moments.

Diameter 26 x 18 cm ​
Ceramic, matte finish ​
85 euro

Mirror 'Joyce'

Designed to infuse spaces with lightness and joy inspired by playful water reflections.

Diameter 47cm ​
Ceramic, matte finish ​
230 euro

Selection of images (here)


About the founders of Home Studyo

  • Esther Noben
    Esther, graduated in Architecture, became partner & art director at Toykyo in 2015, where she directs a diverse team of talents. Her ability to tell stories through visuals and her meticulous attention to detail ensure that each Home Studyo product is not just an object but a narrative waiting to be discovered. ​
  • Mathieu Van Damme
    Mathieu Van Damme is the founding partner of Toykyo, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Ghent, Belgium. In 2012, he launched Case Studyo, dedicated to the production, curation and development of artist editions by contemporary artists such as Jean Jullien, Eric Croes, Genesis Berlanger, Daniel Arsham, Joyce Pensato, Sam Durant, Josh Sperling, PARRA... ​
    In 2022, Van Damme became partner of the contemporary art gallery Long Story Short (LSS) in Paris. His experienced vision combined with his love for playful, joyful design form the cornerstone of Home Studyo's creative direction.

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