Lannoo Publishers presents Paradise City, a photo book about the healing power of music

Lannoo is publishing a photo book about the healing power of music. The book, entitled Paradise City, explores the healing power of music in relation to some of the world's most devastating conflicts and disasters, showing how music inspires people to rebuild, and restores hope. The authors profile Hiroshima (1945: the atom bomb), Belfast (1969-1998: The Troubles), Detroit (2013: racism and bankruptcy of the city), New Orleans (2005: Hurricane Katrina), Port Au Prince (2010: earthquake) and Kigali (1994: Rwandan genocide).

Two musicians — Mario Goossens of Triggerfinger and Karel Van Mileghem of Jacle Bow — visited 6 world cities with music as a common thread. Each of the cities visited show scars of human suffering. They received an uppercut from nature or by humans themselves. Wars, disputes, bombs, racial issues: they lead to a torn city. Yet the residents always show resilience. At every time people fight back and the wounds must be healed. Music is the common thread and often has a healing effect.

A hopeful exploration of the healing power of music in the face of devastating loss and violence, this book combines a large chunk of music history, beautiful photographs of 6 world cities with an amalgam of strong testimonies.

There is the story of 16-year-old Abigaëlle Jose Sétoute from Port-au-Prince, who became homeless after the earthquake in 2010. Thanks to the humanitarian organization Core, founded by Sean Penn, Jose was able to go to school. But the death of her mother was another heavy blow to the girl. She found comfort in the music lessons of Music Heals International, a partner organization of Core. Jose now plays the piano, wants to go to the conservatory and dreams of having her own music school.

Strikingly many genres in pop history have their origins in misery. Gospel, blues, jazz, soul, R&B, punk, techno, reggea, hip-hop, ... These styles have now become major commercial successes, but in the beginning they were born in a society that was hit hard, with few opportunities for development. Music has an incomprehensible healing power, which brings man to the most creative discoveries and thus hurts him.

Paradise City ​
Healing Cities through Music
Published by Lannoo
Hardcover, 192 p ​
Published on October 31 ​
€ 34.99

With testimonials from:
- Hiroshima, Japan (the atomic bomb, 1945)
- New Orleans, USA (Hurricane Katrina, 2005)
- Kigali, Rwanda (1994 genocide)
- Belfast, Northern Ireland (The Troubles, 1969-1998)
- Port-au-Prince, Haiti (earthquake, 2010)
- Detroit (city bankruptcy, 2013)

Mario Goossens is the drummer of the rock band Triggerfinger. ​
Karel Van Mileghem is a video producer and the bass player of the band Jacle Bow. ​
Fabrice Debatty is a professional photographer and is known for many campaigns. Paradise City is his first book.

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