Interior designer Nathalie Deboel offers a unique insight into her world with the book 'Comforting Homes'

For more than two decades, interior designer Nathalie Deboel has been creating elegant, timeless interiors with a well-considered palette of precious materials. They are all ‘comforting homes’ – homes in which people can find peace and feel at ease in a space that has been designed to suit their specific needs. ​ Now, for the first time, she is bringing together a selection of projects in a book entitled Comforting Homes. Through fifteen recent projects, photographed by Thomas De Bruyne, and with texts by Edouard Vermeulen, Patrick De Brock, and An Michiels, the book offers a unique insight into Nathalie Deboel’s approach and style. 

Deboel’s project portfolio has grown steadily over the course of the past twenty years. Besides an established client base in Belgium, the practice is involved in an increasing amount of projects in locations such as Paris, London, Tel Aviv, and Saint-Tropez.

Throughout the book, it will become clear to the reader that Deboel looks for balance rather than controversy. The interiors feel harmonious and radiate warmth. Nevertheless, there is no formula. With an open mind and in dialogue with the client, each project provides a new answer in the search for a meaningful home. Her projects result in soothing and authentic environments in which the clients are able to recognise themselves. Natural materials such as natural stone, loam, lime finish, polished concrete, wood, and fabric are combined with carefully selected furniture and artwork to create authentic environments.

Deboel is obsessed with natural materials and people who have the skills to work with them, manipulate them, and bring out their beauty. For her, it is a joy to develop ideas together with people who understand the true possibilities of their craft.

“At the start of a project, I enjoy to scratch the surface, to find clues to react to. With a solution-driven spirit, the interiors are being designed and questioned. from construction down to material choices, finishes, objects and decorations, we aim to create a holistic outcome, always with the clients’ needs at heart. ... Creating a smooth ‘promenade’ throughout a home is essential to our work, but always with an eye for inserting nooks, corners and end points to be able to come to a halt and enjoy a private moment. The end result should feel intuitive, as if it was not designed and always intended that way." — Nathalie Deboel, in Comforting Homes, p. 33

Comforting Homes ​
by Nathalie Deboel ​
Published by Stockmans Art Books ​
Photography by Thomas De Bruyne ​
Design by Tina De Souter ​
The cover of the book is printed on TOILE OCEAN, the first book cloth made from ocean plastic. ​
Release date: 7 December 2021 ​
Price: 75 EUROS ​ ​
Available at

Book launch

Two book presentations will be organised:

Saturday 11 December from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Brussels office (Avenue Montjoie 228, 1180 Uccle)

Sunday 12 December from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Knokke office (Zeewindstraat 8, 8300 Knokke-Zoute).

Press Information
For a review copy, more information, or for interview requests, please contact Albane Paret: [email protected] / +32 (0)476 57 37 82


Selection of images from the book:



Nathalie Deboel

Nathalie Deboel studied interior architecture at Sint-Lucas in Ghent and worked for several years for renowned international companies. Nathalie Deboel gained considerable work experience before setting up her own studio in Knokke at the age of 35, which focuses on high-end, creative interiors.

Her approach quickly earned Nathalie Deboel and her agency an international reputation. Over the past twenty years, the project portfolio has grown steadily. Besides an established client base in Belgium, the agency is involved in an increasing number of projects in locations such as Paris, London, Tel Aviv and Saint-Tropez.


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