INTEGRATED 2017: the thought-provoking art & design conference is taking place 14-15 November at deSingel in Antwerp


INTEGRATED 2017 is the sixth edition of the thought-provoking conference format organized by St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. The biennial event offers a platform for the compelling dialogue between art, design and society, and digs deep in the polemics of this discourse. It is a forum where speakers, students and professionals can compare their work, design processes, sources of inspiration and methodologies.

The 2017 edition focuses on the art & design of the civil domain, an ambiguous third space between market and state, where innovative design ideas, both physical and virtual, are more than often incubated in a grey zone between legality and illegality. 

Amongst the speakers are: 

  • Nadya Tolokonnikova, founder of Pussy Riot
  • Mike Monteiro, co-founder and design director of Mule Design
  • Oliviero Toscani, designer of the controversial advertising campaigns for Italian brand Benetton
  • Robbert&Frank, visual artists, performers and videographers
  • Philippe Van Cauteren, artistic director of S.M.A.K.
  • Metahaven, a collective working across design, art, and filmmaking
  • Paul Sahre, a graphic designer who's a frequent visual contributor to The New York Times

Full list of speakers here

The Blue Hall (966 seats) is the stage for 8 x 40 minute lectures per day by our main speakers. The program is interrupted by a mini conference-within-a-conference during lunch break, known as YONN. This ‘Young Ones National Neographic’ intermezzo offers 6 intriguing micro-lectures, innovative student performances, recent graduate projects and/or other visual mayhem per day. This is what Ingetrated as a conference is trying to do: to provide a platform for the diverse but very interesting visions of designers, artists, architects and philosophers on how we can develop a new and sustainable dynamic in tomorrow’s society. Sometimes genuinely visionary and barely feasible today, but often also very concrete and usable immediately.

Integrated wants to stimulate new thought patterns from a committed standpoint. It is optimistic too. Because tomorrow’s world is in urgent need of change.


Integrated 2017
14 & 15 November 2017
deSingel, Antwerp
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