Horst Arts & Music announces architectural commissions for 2023 edition

Horst Arts & Music announces architectural commissions for 2023 edition: the ultimate sunset pavillion by Paris and Zurich based BRUTHER and ordinary yet aesthetic building materials deployed by Stand Van Zaken. Banchini’s Moon Ra is here to stay but will be slightly revisited.

Architecture has always been indispensable to the Horst Arts & Music DNA. Unique, inventive and circular stage design is something reoccurring every other year, and 2023 promises to be no exception. The organization just announced 2 architectural practices in charge of two to the stages at Horst Arts & Music Festival 2023. Paris and Zurich based BRUTHER will redo the space where Marinella Senatore’s Bodies In Alliance stood ground. Stand Van Zaken (doorzon architecten & theo de meyer) will design this year’s ‘main’ stage. Moon Ra, in 2021 built by Leopold Banchini architects, is here to stay but will get a slight makeover.


Bruther, a contraction of the names of its founders, Stéphanie Bru and Alexandre Theriot, is an architectural practice based in Paris and Zürich. They have won several precious awards among which the Swiss Architecture Award in 2020, are known for their public projects and stand for socially engaged architecture using mainly industrial raw materials. Bruther was commissioned to design a new stage on the grounds where Marinella Senatore’s Bodies In Alliance shined for the last 2 years. Bruther’s design will be colorful, lively and playful. To be discovered during the Horst Arts & Music Festival weekend.


STAND VAN ZAKEN doorzonarchitecten & theo de meyer — STATE OF PLAY

Stand Van Zaken is a young, experimental, collaborative collective founded by Stefanie Everaert, Caroline Lateur (together Doorzon interieurarchitecten) and architect Theo De Meyer based in Ghent. The basis of their design method is the use of simple and ordinary building materials that are being deployed in an esthetic manner. Stand Van Zaken will be taking care of the festival’s ‘main stage’, which until last year always used to be an indoor ginormous industrial warehouse.

This year, the main stage will be constructed in a mostly outdoor area and will be named ‘State Of Play’. As Stand Van Zaken draws inspiration from ordinary and sometimes even ‘ugly’ building materials, the central building element around which the main stage’s design revolves will be concrete sewage pipes. How these will be implemented and make up for a festival dance floor is to be experienced during the festival weekend.

https://doorzon.be/ ​

LEOPOLD BANCHINI - MOON RA (photography by Maxime Delvaux)

Often referred to as the UFO, mushroom or sometimes even the spaceship, Banchini’s Moon Ra pavilion has been an iconic setting for intimate and high energy raving during the two previous editions. Good news for the Moon Ra fans, because the alien-esque wooden structure is here to stay. More news about the upgraded Moon Ra design is yet to follow. Just like every other year, the wooden hut will be home to Brussels based community radio platform Kiosk Radio who will be bringing over a range of local and international acts to their widely praised hangout spot.

Practical / about Horst

Horst is a movement dedicated to developing talent, cities, and spaces. We blend & celebrate the worlds of art, architecture and music. We create Labs, Exhibitions, and Festivals as momentums of transformative energy. In the past 9 years, Horst has grown into an internationally renowned platform for showcasing cutting-edge electronic music, in-situ artworks, and inventive architecture. Horst aligns a three-day immersive music festival with longer-term trajectories in which architects are invited to create unique stages and dancefloors, and in which contemporary artists are commissioned to enter into dialogue with the specific context and surroundings through site-specific new productions.

Horst Arts & Music Festival 2023

  • Friday May 5, 13h00 - 02h00
  • Saturday May 6, 13h00 - 02h00
  • Sunday May 7, 13h00 - 00h00

Asiat Park, Vilvoorde


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