Gaillard & Claude at the MACS

As critical yet amused observers of the social imagination of our time, since their student days in the early 2000s the French artistic duo Gaillard & Claude have cultivated an art of absurd intrusion and poetic incidents, transposing Jacques Tati’s burlesque, noisy cinema into the postmodern society to reveal its contradictory injunctions in response to our apparent “hangover”.

From plaster sculpture to polyurethane bas-relief and marbled paper to printed textiles, via electronic music and the dramatisation of their own works, Gaillard & Claude’s polymorphous approach achieves its coherence through the fact that its references all bathe in the same “cultural magma”, with its prevailing spatial confusion and temporal discordance. By extending Set Theory from its mathematical domain into aesthetics, Gaillard & Claude have proved to be past masters in the subtle art of double meaning and inference, paradoxical affinities and unexpected convergences, scientific formulas and vernacular expressions.

Envisaged as their first retrospective in Belgium since the duo moved to Brussels in 2008, the exhibition at the MACS brings together the essential elements of their production through three bodies of work: Le Groupe et La Famille (2010), Orchestra (2015) and Baloney ! (2020)

Gaillard & Claude
27.02.22 > 18.09.22
Museum of Contemporary Arts of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
Site du Grand-Hornu
Rue Sainte-Louise, 82
7301 Hornu




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