Gallery VI, VII celebrates its 5th birthday at Independent Régence in Brussels

Independent Régence hosts gallery VI, VII with an anniversary program celebrating its five years of existence as a gallery of contemporary art based in Oslo, Norway. 

The show at Independent Régence features artists that the gallery has worked with closely over the past five years, such as Ian Law, Than Hussein Clark or Eloise Hawser, as well as newcomers to the program such as the Swiss artist Tobias Kaspar and New York based artist Eva LeWitt. 

In the past five years VI, VII has exhibited the work of over 50 international artists. It represents 14 young and emerging artists mostly below the age of 35. Founder Esperanza Rosales, who is also a writer and an artist herself, develops an international program, representing artists from Britain, Germany, the USA as well as Norwegian artists. Rosales lived in several places (London, Brussels, Rotterdam, Frankfurt and Berlin) over the past 15 years herself and was living in Brussels prior to moving to Oslo. The art scene in Oslo is very unique: the energy, openness to accommodate and insistence on creating new models is what drew Rosales to Oslo. Still, her approach to running a gallery has been influenced by being a foreigner — “it is easier to work with distance to a place in the sense that you can never relax or take things too much for granted. When trying to do something that you at least find daring, a lack of familiarity and safeguards helps”, she told Frieze in May 2017. Rosales absolute refusal to follow convention, her international network and friend-base and her long-term commitment to artists make VI, VII a unique gallery.


VI, VII at Independent Régence
October 13 – November 18, 2017

With: Knut Ivar Aaser, Mikael Brkic, Than Hussein Clark, Eloise Hawser, Tobias Kaspar, Ian Law, Eva LeWitt, Lars Laumann, David Lieske, Kulisek / Lieske, Landon Metz, Esperanza Rosales, Amy Yao, and others... 


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