Élise Van Thuyne, The Invisible Mark: a book that provides a unique insight in the soul of the work of an atypical interior designer

Luster publishes The Invisible Mark, a book that provides a unique insight into the soul of the work of interior designer Élise Van Thuyne.

An interior designer since 2005,  Élise Van Thuyne has renovated over 70 private homes, offices and studios. This book offers a unique insight into her world. The world of Élise is one of imagination and poetry. Of looking and feeling, of omitting and adding. A world of materials too: old wall mirrors, perforated metal, woven jute ...

The book opens with a chapter on Élise's own home. Words and images reveal the soul of the home and of the interior architect. A detailed overview of the renovation process of the studio of the artist duo Muller Van Severen is also documented in the book. In 2017, Élise renovated the dilapidated coach house from 1907 that the duo used for years as a studio, workshop and warehouse to become a complete artist studio with office space. Finally, there is an illustrated overview of the different projects and realizations of Élise through the years.

Photographers such as Filip Dujardin, Tine Guns, Sarah Eechaut, Heidi Lerckenfeldt and Hannes Vandenbroucke each look with their own eyes at the work and projects of Élise. Their photos are adding depth, creating a subjective and imperfect view of Elise's projects. These qualities are also typical for Élise's work: you can recognise her interventions because of the tactile materials and her never-wavering yet unassuming attention to detail. This book reveals itself slowly - like the designer's hand - for those who take time for it.


Élise Van Thuyne

Élise Van Thuyne is not a typical interior designer. As an autodidact, she puts the obviousness and the rules of design and interior aside. With an open mind, she has created for over 15 years engaging homes and workplaces.

Homes and interiors are no showrooms for Élise, but places with a soul, where the proportions of the room, the atmosphere, the light and circulation are most important. Sustainability is the key. In her projects, everything plays a role: the architectural style of the home, the neighbourhood, the residents themselves, the colors, materials and light. It is all related to one another. Therefore Élise prefers to play with materials and surface structures.

Looking for a rough, imperfect and timeless beauty, Élise has built her career in her own way.


The Invisible Mark
Élise Van Thuyne

Published by Luster
Texts: Elsbeth Ronner, Joeri Smet & Bert Huyghe 
Photography: Filip Dujardin, Tine Guns, Heidi Lerkenfeldt e.o.
Design: Gestalte 
ISBN 9789460582288
Price: € 39,95 
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