Élise Van Thuyne creates her mysterious Armoirés

Belgian interior designer Élise Van Thuyne presents her first furniture project. Until November 13, she exhibits her Armoirés at Frederic Hooft's gallery space in Ghent. The Armoirés are ambiguous in their performance and raise questions. Are they sculptures or cabinets? 

The exhibition highlights are three cabinets, each available in an edition of 8. They are all produced from the same materials of metal, brass and nickel-plated steel, but were processed in a different way. They are 3 different modular systems that have been built up without glue and with a minimum of screws. 

Besides the three editions, Élise also exhibits some unique pieces. An eye-cather is the huge mirrored wall, composed of several ancient mirrors. The mirrors, mostly 80 to 100 years old, were cut, polished and processed into a pattern, turning the whole into a work of contemporary art. Smaller objects such as a round mirror and a lamp are also available.

The objects of Élise Van Thuyne are stories. They balance on the border between art, architecture and design. They are more than objects and are the result of a deliberate search for the right proportions, light and materials. As an interior designer, Élise is often inspired by the spatial environment. These creations are the ultimate expressions of her aesthetic language.

Élise Van Thuyne, Armoirés
Until 13 November at Frederic Hooft Gallery
Gouvernementstraat 20, 9000 Ghent (Belgium)


About Élise Van Thuyne

Élise Van Thuyne is not your typical interior designer. As an autodidact, she puts the obviousness and the rules of design and interior aside. With an open mind, she created for over 15 years engaging homes and workplaces. She prefers simple solutions and gives special attention to the appropriate spatial layout, light and materials. Sustainability is the key.

Homes and interiors are no showrooms for Élise, but places with a soul, where the proportions of the room, the atmosphere, the light and circulation are most important. In her projects, everything plays a role: the architectural style of the home, the neighborhood, the residents themselves, the colors, materials and light. It is all related to one another. Therefore Élise prefers to play with materials and surface structures.

Looking for a rough, imperfect and timeless beauty, Élise has built her career in her own way. It not only provided her a number of prestigious projects, but also a large network of artisans and artists, with whom she often and gladly cooperates. 

Armoires is Élise's first furniture project.

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