Cultural Center of Namur presents a group exhibition about the condition of the body

Noli me tangere brings together six contemporary artists who explore the complexities of the reality of the body - its gravity, its transformations, its corporeality.

The title (Touch me not in English) stems from what Jesus says in the Bible toMary Magdalene when she reaches out to touch him to make sure he is real. It is also the eponymous title of a chapter in Jean-Luc Nancy’s Corpus, subtitled « Essay on the raising of the body ».

Suggesting both the presence and the absence of the physical body, it questions our perception of what is visible, what is tangible - hence their representations in the world of today. It also winks at the beings who once passed through this place. A former slaughterhouse converted to a cultural center, Les Abattoirs de Bomel bears its history. Although most traces of its former function have disappeared, it is uncovered by significant details such as the names of working spaces and studios.

The exhibition project was conceived in relation to the context and history of Les Abattoirs. Fragmented and recomposed anatomies and their (dis)embodied presence echo the very specificities of the space, open to spatiotemporal or sociopolitical displacements.

The installations, paintings, photographs, films, performative works presented in the exhibition share an aura of uncanniness. The body - digital, physical, architectural - which also points to the very body of a changing world, is given a place in this former slaughterhouse now transformed into an exhibition spac

— Tania Nasielski, curator


  • Lázara Rosell Albear (CU/BE)
  • Roger Ballen (ZA)
  • Claude Cattelain (BE)
  • Pieter De Clercq (BE)
  • Nancy Moreno (BE)
  • Benjamin Verhoeven (BE)


noli me tangere
With: Lázara Rosell Albaer, Roger Ballen, Claude Cattelain, Pieter De Clercq, Nancy Moreno and Benjamin Verhoeven

Curator: Tania Nasielski

Cultural Center of Namur / Abattoirs de Bomel ​
From February 14 to March 17, 2019
Press visit on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 4pm

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