Creative design studio Cobra Studios presents new furniture

Following the interior they designed for Sparks, new meeting spaces in the beautiful Art Deco SHELL building near Brussels Central Station, creative studio Cobra Studios designed some new pieces of furniture

Sparks provides different meeting spaces for people and organizations. For their new location, a fine example of international Art Deco architecture, the duo designed most of the furniture pieces themselves. The chairs, tables, lamps, sofa’s, curtains were designed by Cobra Studios to fit the rooms, and are combined with existing pieces of their previous collection. The duo are also reusing and recycling materials and objects, including their left-over resin stock, to create new pieces. ​

The pots were made by “la bottega di giussepe indino” in Puglia, the collaborated with STRS for the desk, used steel arches by a ship builder, collaborated with Trone in Paris for the design of the restrooms…

Brussels-based creative studio Cobra Studios was founded in 2020 by architect Kenny Decommer and scenographic designer Hugues Delaunay. Together they create surprising and sculptural furniture pieces and interiors in which they play with colour and material, with form and volume. Their work is fun but thoughtful, sculptural and decorative.




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