COLLECTIBLE, a pioneering fair exclusively dedicated to contemporary collectible design

Collectible: A new pioneering fair exclusively dedicated to contemporary collectible design in Brussels

In a few months, a new fair dedicated to contemporary collectible design will be launched in Brussels. COLLECTIBLE will take place from 7 – 11 March 2018 in Brussels, at the Vanderborght building, a former furniture store from the 1930s, located at the very heart of Brussels. Its aim is to highlight collectible design, focussing only on unique pieces and limited editions of the 21st Century.

COLLECTIBLE is a fair with global ambition which operates as a European convergence point bringing together the finest international galleries and design networks. A driven and highly skilled team, an internationally renowned selection committee and a well thought-out location guarantee a new approach, breaking the mould of traditional fair formats. The atmosphere and setup will be more similar to an exhibition than typical fairs. The architecture of the Vanderborght building is perfectly suited to hosting Collectible and allows the visitor to naturally navigate the pathway.

A strong selection committee is supporting COLLECTIBLE:

    Artistic Director of Z33 in Hasselt, Artistic Director of Atelier LUMA in Arles, Curator 4th Istanbul Biennale, Head of Social Design, Design Academy Eindhoven

    "Contributing to the visibility and widespread of design, Collectible is a privileged place for the public to meet this meaningful and desirable offspring of contemporary culture." 
    Brand and Content Director, Wallpaper*

    "Collectible makes a powerful statement in focusing only on contemporary collectible design and is therefore a key support for the next generation of designers."
    Independent Curator and Journalist

    "I m always interested in supporting new and fresh projects. Especially when they are driven by such an enthusiasm and professional approach as this new fair in the heart of Europe."
    Artistic Director Hermès petit h

    "It is a wonderful opportunity and chance to meet new talents, and to contribute to reveal the vitality of design: a unique occasion to exchange on the uses of tomorrow". 



Collectible is an idea of Clélie Debehault and Liv Vaisberg, both active in the art and design sector for more than 10 years.

Clélie Debehault is an art and design consultant based both in Paris and in Brussels. Her experience includes working in the primary and the secondary art market as former director of Vedovi and associate director of Daniel Templon. She currently advises art and design companies - brands, online platforms, galleries, architects and designers - with the national and international development of their activities.

Liv Vaisberg is an international art director based in Antwerp. She is known for her strong art fair experience and her paradigm-shifting ideas which she brings to Collectible. She is the initiator of the critical Brussels based art fair Poppositions, the former co-director of the hip New York born fair Independent Brussels and founder of Complex, personalised art and design tours for Brussels.


7-11 March 2018
Vanderborght building
Rue de l'Ecuyer 50,
1000 Brussels

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