Charlie Billingham, Zin Taylor, Yannic Joray, Franco Mazzucchelli and Thomaz Rosaat at Independent Régence in Brussels

At Independent Régence, the permanent exhibition space in Brussels created by the art fair Independent, programs and exhibitions are presented throughout the year by independent member galleries and nonprofit organizations. Four times a year, an Independent member is invited to curate a special exhibition at Régence to highlight artists from their program between editions of the fair. This fall, Supportico Lopez from Berlin and Boatos Fine Arts (BFA) from Sao Paulo are each presenting an exhibition, running until 7 October.


Supportico Lopez presents a dual exhibition with works by Charlie Billingham and Zin Taylor, each artist taking over a dedicated space on the upper level ofIndependent Régence, Brussels.

Charlie Billingham is taking over the far room, creating a new wall print that will act as a background for a new series ofpaintings that the artist realized for the Brussels exhibition. Charlie Billingham creates highly vibrant and fluid paintings and decorative installations using language borrowed from art, interior design, printmaking, and art history, inspired by historical imagery dating to the late 18th and early 19th century. Although we can identify things in Charlie Billingham’s work as part of a certain idea of the past, their presentation (in bits, in fragments) suggests a kind of dispersal, a refusal to fully cohere. On a stylistic level, Billingham introduces elements of rhythm and unpredictability that are analogous to musical improvisation. In this sense, the wall painting over which his canvases are usually hung becomes a kind of baseline, with its hues chiming with those ofthe paintings.

A series of new mobiles realized by Zin Taylor for the recent exhibition “Creative Writing”at Westfälischer Kunstverein in Münster, are on display filling the ceiling and the view above the big skylight in the first room up the stairs. With an expansive and philosophical approach to art making, Zin Taylor employs familiar visual cues to probe the malleable and mysterious divisions between concept and material. He asks how objects might translate a thought and how ideas can find tangible articulation in form, engaging a process where thoughts about a subject are translated into forms about a subject, where abstraction and phenomenology participate as tools in a narrative development of form.


BFA presents HERE, an exhibition gathering works by Yannic Joray (Zurich, Swiss, 1986), Franco Mazzucchelli (Milan, Italy, 1939) and Thomaz Rosa (São Caetano do Sul, Brazil, 1989).

Here is a proposal, where the works, in their different formalizations, are a manifestation of private, personal and collective atmospheres. Through mediums and practices extremely different from one another, each artist explores somehow the idea of space, sometimes investigated as intimate and autobiographical or experienced in his public and collective dimension. The show shapes worlds and imaginaries that carry the viewer into unique and unusual realities.

Yannic Joray's clay sculptures represent personal scenes and tales that the artist returns  as collective and shared, shaping them so that each work produces an unsettling sense of familiarity. They are light creations, often fragile, installed on the floor as to almost blend into the surrounding environment, establishing a perfect dialogue between imaginary and real.

Franco Mazzucchelli has investigated since the '60s the expressive possibilities of synthetic materials and the relationship between artwork and exhibition space, intended as social environment. Polyester resin, polyurethane, heat-shrink wrapping and inflatable PVC are materials used mainly in industrial settings and in the production of daily use products, Mazzucchelli elevates these materials from a personal and useful perception to a sculptural and monumental state.

The work of Thomaz Rosa is a reflection on painting and its history.In his practice , Thomaz attempts to re-elaborate through his own prose the language and the pictorial influences in a subjective way, often, using references far from the classic concept of paintings. The artist re-elaborates its tradition through his practice rich of different techniques and styles, blending together personal and collective moments with the purpose of making the canvases at the same time unique and universal.


Independent is an invitational art fair devised by and for gallerists that re-examines the traditional methods of presenting, viewing and experiencing contemporary art. Independent offers a dealer-first, collaborative platform that occupies the intersection between the biennial, museum exhibition and traditional art fair formats. For each of the fair’s editions, the selected participants represent the art world’s most creative and inspired curatorial visions from a cross section of emerging, mid-career and established international programs.

Independent Régence is a permanent exhibition space in Brussels that supports the programs of Independent member galleries and nonprofits throughout the year. Four times a year, an Independent member is invited to curate a special exhibition at Régence to highlight artists from their program between editions of the fair.


From 7 September until 7 October
Open from Wednesday to Saturday, 12-18u30
Rue de la Régence 67, 1000 Brussels

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