CENTRALE presents the exhibition 'La Vie matérielle', a dialogue between 12 Italian and Belgian artists on the link between art and life

CENTRALE presents the exhibition La Vie matérielle (09.12.2021 > 13.03.2022), a dialogue between 12 Italian and Belgian artists on the link between art and life.

The exhibition - whose title is taken from a book by Marguerite Duras - highlights the work of 12 female artists nourished by a creative process that tends to tie artistic development to personal experience.

The chapters of the exhibition opens comprehension and gaze on female art. And although there are sometimes feminist works, it is not in the traditional stereotype and combative way or as a revendication, but rather in a more sensitive way.

As such the narratives, sometimes provocative, are staged without denying their fragility and energy, revealing themselves in very diverse works (assemblages, videos, drawings, sculptures, installations) that mix the finished with the unfinished, the formal and the informal, the imagined and the experienced. The purpose is to reveal the link that unites art and life in all its complexity and richness. The key question “how does art allow to connect our body and our inner world” permits to dismantle the prejudices about “feminine art” as it transcends a gendered approach and doesn’t imprison the creation of women artists.

The exhibition integrates and explores several senses, in particular vision and touch, through a journey that takes the viewer inside a kind of emotional and mental spider’s web, hoping that at the end of the journey, we will have gained new perspectives on how we perceive and read our shared ‘material world’, and the link that art allows us to create between our body and our inner world.

A collaboration between Palazzo Magnani Foundation (Reggio Emilia) and CENTRALE for contemporary art (Brussels).

List of participating artists

  • Léa Belooussovitch
  • Chiara Camoni
  • Alice Cattaneo
  • Elena El Asmar
  • Serena Fineschi
  • Ludovica Gioscia
  • Loredana Longo
  • Claudia Losi
  • Sabrina Mezzaqui
  • Gwendoline Robin
  • Lieve Van Stappen
  • Arlette Vermeiren

La Vie matérielle
9 December 2021 - 13 March 2022
Curators: Marina Dacci & Carine Fol

Press conference: 07.12.2021, 11am
Opening; 08.12.2021, 6pm

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