Biennale INTERIEUR 2022 will explore the changing nature of design in the digital era

27th edition of Belgium's leading design and interior event will take place from 20 to 24 October at Kortrijk Xpo

After a forced absence in 2020, Interieur is back in 2022 for its 27th edition, with a new team and renewed ambitions.

From 20 to 24 October 2022, Belgium's leading design and interior event will take place at Kortrijk Xpo, exploring the changing nature of design in the digital era.

With Caroline Fiers succeeding Jo Libeer as CEO of Interieur and working closely with design studio WeWantMore for the concept, curation and scenography of this edition, Biennale Interieur is (re)claiming its position as an opinion leader in design, architecture, spaces and furniture. 

"The crisis put many efforts in our sector in jeopardy, but it also has forced us to be more innovative. We want to continue on that path now, looking for ways to continue to inspire and bring people together. I am more convinced than ever that being together in person, creating conversation on design topics that matter, and driving a sense of community around shared goals must be core parts of our added value."

— Caroline Fiers, CEO Biennale Interieur

The true power of Biennale INTERIEUR 2022 is the human contact. During 5 days, Kortrijk Xpo will be an open platform for future thinking and debate, giving its audience a transparent and multi-faceted view on topics that are likely to dictate tomorrow's society. Biennale INTERIEUR 2022 is all about the role of design in an increasingly online world.

"Design is a reflection of the future of society and lies at the forefront of new ideas and new technologies that will shape tomorrow's world. Most design fairs, unfortunately, have become trade fairs, focussing on the commercial aspect while not fulfilling their potential of being a place for future thinking. Instead of trying to offer a complete overview or status-quo of what's happening in the world of interior design, as a majority of the competition does, the Biennale INTERIEUR 2022 will focus and dive deeply into one central, burning topic at a time."

Ruud Belmans, co-founder WeWantMore

As one of the world's longest-running design events, INTERIEUR 2022 is looking at the future by bringing together expert thinkers and doers to explore how digital tools and platforms define design language in architecture, spaces and furniture.

How will our digital era help us shape the things that will surround us tomorrow? Are NFT's likely to influence design language in the near future? What can we learn from digital designers and game designers about how to experience spaces? 

Practical information

20-24 October 2022
Kortrijk Xpo

About Biennale Interieur

Biennale Interieur is one of the world's longest-running design events. Founded in 1967, this year's edition, running from 20 to 24 October, marks its 55th anniversary.

Blending business with pleasure, and culture with commerce, the focus of the Biennale lies on qualitative experiences and memorable moments. In a busy, ever-changing world, Interieur makes a statement by boldly embracing imaginative quality, local connections and long lasting relationships. Interieur brings brands and talent together, exploring meaningful answers in the field of design and interior, life, work and leisure environments. 

About WeWantMore

WeWantMore is an independent design studio founded in 2006 and based in Antwerp, Belgium. It’s a place where more than 30 designers from various expertises in brand and interior design inspire each other, resulting in work that bends the mind and touches the heart. Over the years they challenged the status quo for clients such as AccorHotels, Neuhaus, Decospan, CMB, Alken-Maes, Orac, Loop, Sportpaleis Group and Gimber.

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