Belgian hospitality brand theAddresses opens fourth home in Portugal

Since 2021, the Belgian hospitality brand theAddresses has offered enriching and memorable experiences for the modern traveller choosing to stay in one of their renovated Portuguese holiday homes. Combining architecture, design, location and privacy with a unique concierge service and the best addresses in the region, theAddresses is the perfect guide to the Portuguese "modo de vida".

After "Casa Um", "Casa Dois" and "Casa Três", theAddresses is now launching its fourth guesthouse in the Algarve. "Casa Quatro" is located in São Brás de Alportel, a quiet and peaceful town in southern Portugal surrounded by hills on all sides. Here you can experience authentic Portugal, far away from the tourist attractions.

For 'Casa Quatro', theAddresses again created a holiday home that exudes understated luxury and where old and new blend seamlessly. With an open-living space adorned by a vaulted ceiling, a spacious kitchen, 4 en suite bedrooms, a rooftop terrace and an indoor patio with a swimming pool, the house can accommodate up to 8 people.

This is the first time theAddresses has opened a guest house in the Algarve region's interior. In the shadow of São Brás cathedral – the most beautiful in the Algarve region – lies one of the oldest houses in town. This former trading house from 1937 was transformed into a holiday home where you can – literally – live among the locals. ​

Life in São Brás de Alportel is slow and simple. São Brás de Alportel was once the largest producer of cork in Portugal, and for many years it was the main source of income for the local economy. But now that the cork industry has moved to the centre and north of Portugal, São Brás has become primarily a place of agriculture and crafts.

Like most towns in the Algarve, São Brás de Alportel was inhabited by the Romans and was later occupied by the Moors. In the 17th century, São Brás became the summer residence of the bishops of the Algarve, who built an episcopal palace here to escape the heat of summer. Still intact from the original complex of the palace are a Baroque fountain and a small garden, known as the Jardim da Verbena.



TheAddresses was founded in 2021 by Bert Jeuris and Ludovic Beun who were keen to share their years of accumulated and ever-growing love for Portugal with like-minded friends and guests. With The Portugal Collection, Bert has been supplying the best Portuguese wines to top restaurants in Belgium for years. Ludovic works as a Creative Director in the music and entertainment world. Together, they previously founded The Madeira Collection, a unique collection of vintage Madeira wines. ​

For theAddresses, they always look for existing, remarkable houses located in special places with a story, and with the help of a well-chosen team, they then turn them into holiday homes that excel in understated luxury. They do this not only by means of a carefully considered and tastefully decorated house, but also by offering special services and a curated guide with the best addresses in the region.

Right in the centre of an old fishing village, among orange groves, or with your feet in the sand, theAddresses' locations combine rich Portuguese heritage with hotel services and curated travel tips. Private transport, restaurant reservations, soothing massages, authentic Portuguese bars, cultural visits, hiking or cycling tours, or an adventurous boat trip to a desert island... With theAddresses' tips, you can experience the real Portugal.

Casa Um

Casa Dois

Casa Três

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