Atelier Ecru is launching the work of young Belgian artist-designer Jumandie Seys at Collectible

Among the works of Tim Vranken, Jojo Corváiä, Katrien Doms, Cedric Breisacher, Laurids Gallée, Pierre De Valck and Marijke Decock; and together with a solo presentation by Maria Scarpulla, Atelier Ecru is presenting the work of Jumandie Seys.

Jumandie Seys (°1996, lives and works in Ghent) is a young Belgian creative talent, working on the intersection between art and design. With the mind of an artist and the hands of an artisan, he creates contemporary and collectible objects with a sculptural purity, driven by a bold artistic sensitivity. At Collectible, he’s presenting a first body of work(s) including side tables, a desk and different columns

His designs are conceived as micro-architectural structures, in search for pure expression of form and material. As Seys makes digital 3D visualisations, he’s not restricted to the limitations of 2D. Possibilities are endless in digital renderings. Yet, emotions, tactility and texture are crucial elements in the work of Seys. His work is characterised by this constant dialogue between these contrasting elements. Digital vs. human. Computer skills vs. artisan crafts. Formal perfection vs. material imperfection. Simplicity vs. complexity. ​ 

By combining all these elements, Jumandie Seys is redefining the classical rules in contemporary design. This is enforced by taking inspiration from the past and applying it to his contemporary design and artistic look.

For instance, for his Arch collection, consisting of several side tables and a monumental desk, Seys started from the architectural arch, but by deconstructing it, he creates a modern design piece. The curved symmetric structure may look simple in form, it’s the finish in either a rough polished aluminium or in a weathered leather that is extremely complex. ​ Seys is manipulating the material in such way that he adds a visual and tactile tension to his design. This is an artistic process, creating imperfections that are unique characteristics to the piece.

The weathered version, also used for the desk, is finished with a gradual weathering of a leather canvas. It’s a research that focuses on the recreation and abstraction of materials that wear and tear over time. Like a painter, Seys is scraping and manipulating the canvas using natural pigments, letting the porosity and natural blemishes of the leather absorb the natural pigments, making each piece unique.

Next to the Arch collection, Seys is also presenting his SHIFT collection. SHIFT is a minimal collection of functional sculptures where tension is created by shifting solid forms.

Simply by moving a part of the object, a new perspective and visual tension of the geometry is created. This is also amplified through the choice of the materials. The polished stainless steel forms a defined frame around the aged stucco, patinated by hand which enforces the artisanal and artistic value.

Atelier Ecru Gallery at Collectible
20—22 May
Vanderborght Building, 2nd floor



About Jumanide Seys

Jumanide Seys (°1996, lives and works in Ghent )is a Belgian artist-designer working on the intersection between art and design. In a search for pure expression of form and material, he designs objects with a sculptural purity. His work is characterised by a constant dialogue between contrasting elements and the search for balance. He tries to redefine classic rules by combining modern and digital mediums with artisanal crafts. This is enforced by taking inspiration from the past and applying it to his contemporary designs. By doing so, he creates visual and tactile tension in his work.

About Atelier Ecru

Atelier Ecru is a Ghent-based gallery for contemporary, brutalist & modern design, art and furniture from Belgian and International artists, designers, founded by Stéphanie Frederickx and Christophe Urbain. 

The gallery offers atypical work, curated and collected through an exhibition program or either in the interior planning studio.

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