Atelier Ecru Gallery presents work by 22 national and international designer-artists in a former ballet school in Antwerp

From 13 to 29 MayAtelier Ecru Gallery is presenting an ambitious exhibition with 22 designer-artists in a unique location: a former ballet school in the middle of the historical city centre of Antwerp. 

The two-floor penthouse with a total of 600 m2, in a classicist bourgeois townhouse between 'Oude Beurs' and 'Kaasrui', is a real hidden gem with wonderful cinematic light and beautiful rough edges.

It is thus the ideal setting to become the temporary home of Atelier Ecru Gallery, the Ghent-based gallery for contemporary, brutalist & modern design, art and furniture founded by Stéphanie Frederickx and Christophe Urbain

With this exhibition, Atelier Ecru Gallery wants to show who they are and what they stand for. It is a major presentation outside the walls of their own gallery space in Ghent. The exhibition can be seen as an invitation to enter their world. A world where design is approached as art, and designers as artists. With the utmost respect, Atelier Ecru Gallery works with the designers, who are always at the centre of the attention. Their work is underpinned as an oeuvre, giving it the time and attention it needs to be at its best. 

Atelier Ecru Gallery likes to mix styles, embraces diversity ​
and detests the average.
​ In their approach, emotion, love and respect are key elements. This all results in an exhibition presenting well-known, established names next to lesser-known and up-and-coming names. We'll find pieces by, amongst others, Maison Armand Jonckers, Pierre De Valck, Domingos Tótora, Adeline Halot, Lucas Morton, Frédéric Saulou, and Laurids Gallée.

What they all have in common is their position in the grey zone between art and functional design, eliminating superfluous frills down to the essence, the pure form. 

Often the works are deeply connected to nature or natural elements, combining experimentation with craft.

By presenting works of these different generation designer-artists in an unusual, dramatic setting, Atelier Ecru Gallery is creating a collection of objects that display a sense of stillness and serenity. This feeling is strengthened by the use of raw and inherent beauty of natural materials. 

13 - 29 May 2022 ​
Oude Beurs 56, ​
2000 Antwerp ​

Press Preview: Thursday 12 May 2022, 5pm-9pm ​
(please RSVP before 5 May via ​

Open on Fridays & Saturdays from 12.00 to 19.00 and on Sundays from 11.00 to 18.00 ​

Adeline Halot, Bieke Casteleyn, Bram Vanderbeke, Cedric Breisacher, Cobra Studios, Domingos Tótora, Frédéric Saulou, Jojo Corväiá, Jumandie Seys, Katrien Doms, Laurids Gallée, Lucas Morten, Maison Armand Jonckers, Middernacht&Alexander, Niclas Wolf, Pekin Roasted Duck, Pierre De Valck, Roxane Lahidji, Sizar Alexis, Supertoys Supertoys, Nathalie Van der Massen, Verter Turroni/Imperfettolab. 

Location with special thanks to Made (

Selection of works

Images of the location

About Atelier Ecru

Atelier Ecru is a Ghent-based gallery for contemporary, brutalist & modern design, art and furniture from Belgian and international artists, designers, founded by Stéphanie Frederickx and Christophe Urbain. 

The gallery offers atypical work, curated and collected through an exhibition program or either in the interior planning studio. 



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