Atelier Ecru Gallery is presenting a new collection of limited edition tables by Maria Scarpulla at Collectible

Atelier Ecru Gallery is presenting a new collection of limited edition low tables by Maria Scarpulla at the design fair Collectible in Brussels.

Blending the lustrous hues of her Italian upbringing with pared-down Belgian minimalism, Maria Scarpulla’s work is rooted in a universal language of form and freedom. Since 2019, she's working together with her partner Jori Hernalsteen, shaping and producing design pieces and functional objects that sparkle conversations in color and form.

Their poetic designs are an expression of their love of life and timeless beauty, creating objects that are minimal in shape, daring in color and surprising in material. The minimalist architectural lines and harmonic proportions are translated into scented colour fields, providing a strong implementation of modern yet timeless design.

For Atelier Ecru Gallery, Maria Scarpulla created 12 low tables, all 80 by 80 cm with 40 cm hight, combining different coloured glass tops with nickel frames. Each of the tables has a unique colour combination, and they are all produced by hand in Belgium. It's the result of an intensive two year research in colour, form and material and the testament to a deep understanding of how these can impact our moods.

The Vagabond tables, as the collection is called, are a family of tables that embrace a number of apparent contradictions: humble and bold; playful and serious; cold and warm. Their purpose as both artistic and functional objects is an invitation to the owner to enter into a dialogue.

"As designers, we find it important to enter into a conversation with our objects. By combining certain colours, seeking out contrasts or experimenting with form, we are looking for exciting dialogues. When designing, we try to question the object’s obvious functionality beyond its trivial use. A table, for example, is multi-functional. We also work with local craftsmen and try to emphasise the traditional."

— Maria Scarpulla

The combination of the coloured glass tops with the nickel frames results in a surprising contemporary and elegant feel. Nickel has a nice warm light golden hue, contrasting with the sleek and graphic shape the table. It's also very corrosion resistant and gets a natural patina over time.

Maria Scarpulla creates a body of work that stands out in (formal) language against the other curated objects and/or functional curated works Atelier Ecru Gallery is representing. At the same time, it’s a language that blends into their narrative of presenting objects that are able to blend architectural, sculptural objects with functionality.

"Maria Scarpulla’s designs have an indisputable timeless and elegant character, with very simple lines and a thin, sleek design. At the same time, the colours make me think of American diners, Route 66 and the fictitious and literal Italian fields. It’s a combination that's unique and compelling."

— Christophe Urbain, co-owner of Atelier Ecru Gallery

Atelier Ecru Gallery presents Maria Scarpulla's Vagabond collection
20—22 May
Vanderborght Building, 2nd floor

About Maria Scarpulla

Maria Scarpulla is a Belgian based design studio run by Maria Scarpulla and Jori Hernalsteen.

Their work focusses on piece-furniture and functional objects. The quest to find a universal language of form and freedom, of color and simplicity, leads them to subtle, poetic designs that express their love of life and timeless beauty.

Objects dazzle and blend into their environment owing to their minimalist composition, preceded by disciplined fine-tuning and nuance, careful color and contrast studies. ​

Their purpose as both artistic and functional objects is an invitation to the owner to enter into a dialogue.

In their own words ‘a conversation in color and form’

About Atelier Ecru

Atelier Ecru is a Ghent-based gallery for contemporary, brutalist & modern design, art and furniture from Belgian and International artists, designers, founded by Stéphanie Frederickx and Christophe Urbain.

The gallery offers atypical work, curated and collected through an exhibition program or either in the interior planning studio.



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