Antwerp-based DMW Gallery and Base-Alpha Gallery join forces to open a new gallery in Brussels: Ballroom Gallery Brussels

Following their previous successful collaboration for Ballroom-Project during the last three editions of the Antwerp Art Weekend, Ida Wollens from DMW Gallery and Bart Vanderbiesen from Base-Alpha Gallery decided to join forces permanently with the opening of Ballroom Gallery Brussels.

Ballroom-Project originated as a commercial platform for non-Antwerp galleries to participate in a major city-project in Antwerp. The project is based on collegiality, the exchange of networks and energy. After two very successful physical editions and one digital edition, this idea is extended to a permanent exhibition space, which aims to connect the different actors within the contemporary art world and to support and guide a young generation of artists.

In addition to their respective individual spaces in Antwerp, their joint project Ballroom Gallery lands in the prestigious Koningsstraat in Brussels. The 140m2 space is located right next to the architectural gem of the Astoria Hotel, which is currently under full renovation.

Invited by Brussels Gallery Weekend, Ballroom Gallery will host the first exhibition “#1” during the weekend from 9 to 12 September. In this first group show, their characteristic dynamics are transferred from Antwerp to Brussels and both galleries show their permanent selection of artists.

From October there will be a switch to the Ballroom Gallery concept. The concept is simple: each gallery invites one artist. The combination of artists will determine whether this will result in two separate solos, a duo exhibition or even a real collaboration. This does not only look at their fixed program, but intends to be more groundbreaking or more international.

In addition to the regular gallery activities, Ballroom Gallery Brussels also creates space to support a young generation of upcoming artists: “Ballroom Invites”. Wollens and Vanderbiesen want to professionally assist this generation during their first steps in the professional art world, shortly after their graduation. To this end, the young artists are given a fully-fledged gallery space to present their first solo exhibition.

Due to the young dynamics of the artists, “Ballroom Invites” will have a monthly rotation. This also creates different momentums, with different constellations being possible with each gallery visit.

Ballroom Gallery is very accessible on the central axis that crosses the center of Brussels from Botanique to Avenue Louise. The North and Central train stations are both a few minutes' walk away. Parking is available on the street as well as in various covered public car parks in the street. The back of the building opens up to the unknown but very lively Congress district, with the Royal Circus and the many restaurants and bars as attractions.

Ballroom Gallery
09.09.21 - 09.10.21
Rue Royale 119-123
1000 Brussels

Fia Cielen, Ellen Pil, Marius Ritiu, Dries Segers, Emilie Terlinden, Denitsa Todorova, Caroline Van den Eynden, Joris Vanpoucke
Geoffrey de Beer, Yorgos Maraziotis, Michèle Matyn, Nadia Naveau, Denie Put, Lieven Segers, Katleen Vinck, Suse Weber







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