Always Trust The Artist: a group show at Tim Van Laere Gallery

25.01.2018- 17.03.2018

  • Gelatin
  • Marcel Dzama
  • Adrian Ghenie
  • Kati Heck
  • Edward Lipski
  • Jonathan Meese
  • Ryan Mosley
  • Aaron Van Erp

Tim Van Laere Gallery presents Always Trust The Artist, a group exhibition that brings together 7 artists and the artist collective Gelatin. The exhibition presents paintings, drawings and sculptures that testify the strong individual vision of each artist. Although they each have a unique and recognizable signature, there are striking similarities between the participating artists. Complexity, ambiguity and versatility characterize their multi-layered work, which is often situated in the border area between figuration and abstraction, between present and past, between reality and fiction.

The title of the exhibition is taken from a work by Kati Heck, and perfectly summarizes the philosophy of the gallery. For more than 20 years Tim Van Laere has been building a relationship of trust with his artists, who invariably and irrefutably come first. This group exhibition is therefore a celebration of the idea that the gallery is a partner of its artists, and the artists stand side by side as a sort of collective.

The exhibition shows masks and a painting by Jonathan Meese; a monumental work by Kati Heck - who painted a portrait of the Antwerp Michelin star chef Johan Segers ('t Fornuis) for this exhibition - a new work by Aaron Van Erp in which he refers to the work l'atelier du pientre by Gustave Courbet; a new large-scale work by Adrian Ghenie; a new painting by Ryan Mosley; a triptych and a new sculpture by Edward Lipski; and two golems and a wall piece of Gelatin. In addition, this exhibition also introduces the work of Canadian artist Marcel Dzama into the gallery.

25.01.2018- 17.03.2018
Verlatstraat 23-25
2000 Antwerp

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