Albert Baronian and Renos Xippas join forces to open a new gallery in Brussels

Art dealers Albert Baronian and Renos Xippas are teaming together to found Baronian Xippas, a new gallery in Brussels. The opening exhibitions showcasing Takis and Robert Devriendt will be held on April 4, 2019.

Located in the former space of Albert Baronian, the gallery is a unique collaboration between two major figures in the contemporary art gallery world. Combining the strength of their 80-years of experience and expertise in the art world, Baronian and Xippas join their forces, knowledge and passion to create a new gallery that goes beyond the ordinary. This convergence will create a powerhouse on the Belgian, European and South American art scenes. Baronian Xippas will present ambitious projects with the leading artists of each gallery - such as Darren Almond, André Butzer, Robert Devriendt, Wang Du, Lionel Esteve, Gilbert and George, Robert Irwin, Vik Muniz, Takis, Janaina Tschäpe, Gilberto Zorio... - while building on their respective strengths: a strong presence on the Belgian market for Albert Baronian and a solid structure for Renos Xippas.

"Renos and I have been friends for over 30 years, we have collaborated on many artistic projects and we represent several artists in common. We share the same values and the same vision of running an art gallery. We believe in the power of friendship, collaboration and vision, and want to encourage new interactions, new partnerships and new ways of thinking."

— Albert Baronian

Based on a common vision, shared values and a belief in adopting an open, human and accessible approach by creating personal relationship with collectors, art professionals and visitors, Baronian Xippas will use the experiences from the past to face today’s challenges. By doing so, the gallery embraces new possibilities and chances for the artists and the global art scene, resulting in a new dynamic on the Belgian and international art markets and increasing the international exposure of their artists.

"With over 40 years of international experience, we are in a position to spark a new way of thinking about what a gallery should deliver, both locally and internationally”, Renos Xippas adds. Joining forces in Brussels makes perfect sense. Belgium is a unique European platform. The art scene there is forward looking, constantly breaking borders. There is a very high level of interest for contemporary art, with established and emerging artists.”

— Renos Xippas ​

Opening exhibitions: Takis & Robert Devriendt

The gallery will open April 4th with two solo exhibitions by Takis and by Robert Devriendt. The inaugural exhibitions embody Baronian Xippas’ vision for a new gallery that is at once bold and ambitious yet grounded in tradition.

The Greek autodidact artist, painter and sculptor, Takis (b. 1925) has created some of the most powerful, innovative - as well as playful - works of 20th-century art. In them, he has reinvented the formats of painting, sculpture and music in relation to energy. Following the opening show of Baronian Xippas, Tate Modern will host a major retrospective of his work in July 2019.

Belgian artist Robert Devriendt (b. 1955) is known for his meticulous small paintings. With a keen eye for detail, for tactile rendering and with a refined technique, he investigates how images work and how they come to be interpreted. He creates cinematic montages by presenting his work as filmic sequences in small series. The themes and the way the paintings are combined demonstrate their relationship with the art of painting, film and the image in general. Dark characters and surprising props are depicted in changing scenes in which some drama seems to be taking place.

About Albert Baronian

Albert Baronian opened his first gallery in 1973. Sensing the turmoil of a Brussels art scene, he decided to exhibit avant-garde artists such as the ‘Support-Surfaces’ artists, and to introduce the Belgian public to Arte Povera with artists unknown in Belgium such as Mario Merz, Giulio Paolini and Gilberto Zorio, who are now unrivalled on the international scene. Later, as President of the Galleries’ Association, he helped the Brussels Art fair (Art Brussels) take a more international direction. He believes galleries have three key responsibilities: to help develop artists’ careers by liaising with international galleries and museums to place works in collections; to create a historical archive for each artist, and to provide an accessible public space in which art can flourish and be appreciated by all. Albert Baronian specializes in contemporary art and important artistic movements and in artists who have shaped art history for the last forty years.

About Renos Xippas

Renos Xippas started his career working with his uncle Alexander Iolas, specializing in surrealism (René Magritte, Max Ernst, etc.) and representing renown artists such as Roberto Matta, Ed Ruscha, Niki de Saint Phalle or Les Lalanne.

Building on this experience, he became the manager of sculptor Takis. In 1987, he moved to Paris to conduct the installation of 66 outdoor sculptures by the artist in La Défense. This monumental project provided him with the opportunity to set up his first gallery in the Marais area (Paris), which has hosted more than 150 exhibitions during the last 25 years, showcasing internationally renowned artists such as Robert Irwin, Peter Halley, Vera Lutter, Vik Muniz, Dan Walsh...

Renos Xippas has been expanding ever since in major European and Latin American cities. The gallery is now present present in Paris, Geneva, Montevideo and Punta del Este. It includes in its roster Latin American artists such as Marco Maggi, Cao Guimarães, Pablo Siquier, Janaina Tschäpe, Pablo Reinoso or Waltercio Caldas.

Baronian Xippas
Rue Isidore Verheyden 2,
1050 Brussels

Tuesday - Saturday, 11.00 - 18.00

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